A calm and stress free childbirth, as nature intended

About Hypnobirthing for you

Hypnobirthing for you is a bespoke company tailored around the birth of your baby and your own personal concerns and issues. Whether this is your first baby or your second, hypnobirthing will help you to look forward to the birth of your baby with confidence and excitement.

Hypnobirthing provides you with the tools to release fears and anxieties you may have about giving birth. Whether you are looking for a natural birth or you think you may want some help along the way, hypnobirthing will provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to enjoy your special day.


Hypnobirthing is an established, effective way to birth your baby in a positive, calm environment.

Hypnobirthing teaches you how to use self hypnosis to go in to deep relaxation – the best state to be in to birth your child.

Hypnobirthing At Home

For those mums to be who would rather take the class in the comfort of their home or who simply can’t afford to take a hypnobirthing class, this complete Hypnobirthing At Home pack is the most complete hypnobirthing home study programme on the market.

The Hypnobirthing Course

Hypnotherapy is simply a very deep state of relaxation where you are very much in control.

Hypnobirthing is all about relaxation and learning how to control and manage pain.

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Sarah, Sunbury

Just a note to let you know that Daniel arrived safe and sound and somewhat swiftly on Sunday. Contractions started at 10.30pm and at half past midnight the midwife told us I was in established labour, with, in her estimate, about another 6 hours to go. Just an hour later though I was told I was ready to start pushing.Just 4 contractions later and Daniel was born entirely naturally and calmly. I’m sure the hypnobirthing really helped. I certainly went into the whole experience feeling positive, calm and able to cope and taking just 4 hours to go from no contractions to ready to push must be credited in part to the flower opening visualisation on my CD. So thank you and look out for the friends I will be sending your way!

Karen, Putney

The hypnobirthing gave me so much confidence for my labour that I decided to have a home birth. Everything went very well with active labour lasting less than an hour (not bad for my first baby!) and Kate came out rather quickly taking everyone by surprise. It was an incredible experience and the hypnobirthing preparations was a huge part of that.I have a very chilled out baby according to the midwives!

Chris, Barnes

After quite a traumatic birth with our first son, we came to Sophie to see if she could help my wife Anna with the birth of our daughter. I cannot thank her enough for the techniques she taught us. Anna was so calm and relaxed at the birth and Mia was born with no medical intervention. A very different childbirth from our first! Thank you Sophie

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Hypnobirthing classes can be held in the privacy of your own home all over London.  Alternatively you may like to join a small group class in Richmond or Barnes. These will never consist of more than three couples to ensure you get all the attention and time you need.

Private Class


Group Class


Hypnobirthing classes
are taught in the privacy of your own home around your own availability or you may prefer to choose a small group class. Please email for availability at your earliest convenience as hypnobirthing classes book up very quickly.

Hypnobirthing will teach you techniques and methods that help you to have a comfortable, natural childbirth. Hypnobirthing is an established, effective way to birth your baby in a positive, calm environment. You will be taught techniques to help you to go in to deep relaxation – the best state to be in to birth your baby. Hypnobirthing allows you to experience birth in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, so that the birthing muscles of your body can relax and gently open just as nature intended them to.

Please email for a quick response: sophie@hypnobirthingforyou.co.uk


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