I wanted to post this birth story by amazing mummy Claire as it’s such a good reflection of what a lot of second time mums go through. Having to juggle a little one whilst trying to focus on yourself in labour is hard – but not impossible. Claire managed to stay calm and in control throughout the labour despite the comings and goings of a busy house which I hope gives other second/third time mums out there confidence that anything is possible.

I first met Claire when I taught her hypnobirthing for her little boy Teds’birth and then again for a refresher for her baby girl Ivy.
Have a read of Claire’s beautiful birth story to see how she coped with her second hypnobaby Ivy!
“I had a baby girl on Friday 20th, she is 9 days old and a dream 🙂 was so shocked I had a girl!
She kept me waiting 12 days but was worth the wait.  I was having cramping every evening for a week but it never turned into anything and always finished about 10pm.  On the Wednesday and Thursday I walked as much as my back would allow to get baby moving as I was booked in for an induction on Sunday morning which I ideally wanted to avoid.
On Friday morning I dropped my son to playgroup and then I cleaned the house non stop, on my hands and knees cleaning the floor anything to try and get the baby moving and it worked.  I had some cramping between 10am and 11am but then it stopped for an hour but from midday surges were coming more regularly.  I still wasn’t sure it was going to last so I messaged my husband but told him not to come home yet.  By 3pm the surges were much more intense and I really needed my surge breathing to get me through.


 As we are having the loft done I had a painter upstairs so as much as I wanted a bath and to listen to the scripts I didn’t feel like I could.  My son was home by 3.30pm and wanted to play which was quite tricky, I asked my mother in law to stay to help.  My husband was home by 4pm, saw me and got my headphones so I could focus and listen to my hypnobirthing music, he called the hospital and then packed the bags in the car and took me to hospital.
I arrived at hospital at 4.45pm and was 8cm dilated and our gorgeous girl Ivy was here by 6.15pm.  I was lucky it was a quick labour and I was pleased I managed to have another water birth.  I used the music and breathing to help me with labour and didn’t need anything else.  I can honestly say as I had less time to get relaxed and in my zone I could feel more this time. Whereas with my son, I had had a bath and never opened my eyes and just concentrated on my scripts and music.
If no one was at home I would have done the same thing but that being said I would not have made it through without hypnobirthing, thank you!
Here is a picture of Ted and Ivy, he is besotted with his little sister!”


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