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Not all Hypnobirths have to be perfect!

MASSIVE smile on my face today as I got an email from mummy Ashley telling me all about her amazing birth story. I love it for it’s honesty and the fact that it shows how to hypnobirth doesn’t have to always mean a drug free completely natural birth!  Sometimes we need help and that’s absolutely…

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Exercise and Birthing

When you exercise, you’re essentially contracting and releasing muscles. Muscles are working together, all aided by our state of mind, hormones, training and general health. Sound familiar? The exact same thing is happening when you’re in labour – although let’s face it, the main difference is that we don’t normally encounter the same level of…

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Beautiful birth story from a second time mum

I wanted to post this birth story by amazing mummy Claire as it’s such a good reflection of what a lot of second time mums go through. Having to juggle a little one whilst trying to focus on yourself in labour is hard – but not impossible. Claire managed to stay calm and in control…

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