I am a hypnobirthing practitioner, doula and mother of twins. I add the fact that I’m a mother of twins as if it’s a job title and sometimes it feels like it is!! Being a mother of twins is a full on, relentless (but incredibly rewarding) job in itself. It’s a job I love and one that has made me even more inspired to spread the word about hypnobirthing.




I have been teaching hypnobirthing for around 7 years now and loved it the minute I saw just how amazing the results were. I would receive emails from mums thanking me for the classes and telling me a little about their births in way I couldn’t have imagined. Even when births didn’t go exactly to plan, mums were so grateful as they were able to stay calm and focused throughout which meant they looked back on the birth with a sense of peace rather than panic which can often be the case with tricky births.

When I had my boys in 2012, I didn’t have the birth I had always dreamed of. I wanted a water birth at home with candles and soft music playing, my partner by my side and my babies emerging with smiles on their faces. But – that wasn’t to be! I went into labour very prematurely completely unexpectedly and was surrounded by around 15 people ready to help resuscitate the boys if they weren’t breathing.  A far cry from what I had imagined. My labour was fast and it was intense to say the least but I was determined to do my best for my boys. Premature labours are often more intense than full term labours as the body goes into over drive so there’s a lot more sensation to deal with. As my surges got closer and closer and more and more intense, I went fully in to my hypnobirthing state, eyes closed, deep breathing, my husband gently speaking in to my ear, blocking out the frenzy around me. I was in my own special place – I imagined being in my water pool, dim lighting and gentle sounds soothing my surges.

I remember the doctor shouting loudly to ‘check mums pulse’!. I was so deep in to my own zone that it looked like I was sleeping or had passed out! I birthed my first little one, Xander completely naturally with three big deep birthing breaths. Joey on the other hand enjoyed all the space his brother had left behind and turned transverse. After a team of three trying to shift him in to vertex position externally, he started to play ball and he was born assisted breach again completely naturally.

I wasn’t able to hold my boys until 3 days after they were born as they were so little and struggling with their early entrance in to life but they are now thriving and amaze me every day with their strength and love.

My birth was the absolute opposite of what I wanted but thanks to using hypnobirthing and my husbands support throughout the birth, I am able to look back and be thankful that I did my best and I am now even more inspired than ever to teach hypnobirthing and help mums to enjoy their special day no matter what path our little monkeys decide to take to enter the world.


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