MASSIVE smile on my face today as I got an email from mummy Ashley telling me all about her amazing birth story. I love it for it’s honesty and the fact that it shows how to hypnobirth doesn’t have to always mean a drug free completely natural birth!  Sometimes we need help and that’s absolutely fine. It’s more than fine – it’s often absolutely necessary!  I hope reading this gives you confidence to listen to your body, to have faith in your body but to ask for help when needed whether that means being induced or any form of pain relief. Amazing story Ashley and thank you for taking the time to write to me just one day after giving birth!!


“Hi Sophie,

It’s Ashley here – Jack and I came to your hypnobirthing course over the summer in Kingston.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know we had our baby yesterday! He arrived at 2:37am in a beautiful water birth at Kingston, weighing a chunky 9lbs. I was close to 42 weeks so I agreed to the medical induction, which meant I really thought I wouldn’t be able to have the water birth I had hoped for – but the midwives were so supportive and I was lucky that the Propess really got things going – and we were able to finish the last stages of labour (from 7cm to baby arriving!) in the pool, with low lighting and my own playlist.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you taught both of us. It was a huge help both in the run up to labour and during. I found your way of explaining the surges and the work your body is doing so helpful beforehand and I wasn’t afraid of going into labour. I also found it particularly valuable that your approach was so open – it meant we had the tools we needed but were not fixated on a certain plan. Flexibility and keeping an open mind are so vital for something with as many variables as labour so we both really valued your style of recognising the role of different elements. I’m glad we didn’t need instrumental delivery but I definitely kept your mantra in mind, especially when induction became so likely.

During labour I was really able to focus on my breathing and on the visualisations and Jack was so good at using the short phrases to keep me centred. It was an incredibly intense experience and though it was painful, it was very powerful. I felt like I really tuned into myself and trusted my body. Even one of the midwives commented that this must be a hypnobirthing labour!

So a huge thank you from myself, Jack, and our baby Lachlan. We are so glad we took your classes!

Ashley x”

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