I’ve taught over 1000 mums my hypnobirthing techniques and I’m still going strong because of the amazingly rewarding feedback I get from the mums. I love to see the photos of new babies and I love to hear how the mums and dads used the hypnobirthing tools and techniques to their advantage. Every mum is different and every birth is different. We all face different challenges and it’s important to remember that hypnobirthing isn’t something generic – it’s personal, emotional and unique.
It’s for that reason that I no longer teach large group classes. I like to get to know a mum, her birth partner and therefore her baby and my personal classes reflect this. My small group classes or one to one classes are bespoke to each mum and her personality. If she’s not very confident with her breathing techniques then I won’t leave her side until she’s confident she has understood and remembered each breathing technique inside and out.
It’s only really when you get to know a mum and her concerns that she will start to open up and let her fears go. The large group setting is far too impersonal for this to happen so, for me, the smaller classes are the only option. I’m not in this for money, I’m in this for each mum to have a more comfortable, natural birth and my results speak for themselves 🙂