I’m always amazed at how many emails I receive from expectant mothers wanting to birth at home. What is even more surprising is that when I actually meet these mums and dig a little deeper it seems that the majority were mostly originally considering C sections, epidurals as early as possible, as many drugs as is allowed – anything to avoid having to go through the pain of labour and birthing. As time goes on however, mums read more into birthing or do NCT classes and learn about the effect of drugs on the labour, the intervention of medical staff and the effect on their babies.They then do a complete u-turn opting for a home birth instead. I’m not sure I approve of the scare tactics of some teachings as there is definitely a place for medical intervention when needed but I do agree that a natural labour (if possible) is by far the best birthing experience for both mother and baby and birthing at home can be a different experience completely. Mums feel safe and secure at all times meaning they’re allowing their body to take the lead and do what we’re designed to do – birth. Often mums get to hospital and the medical setting will create a fear, tension pain cycle which has a direct impact on the womans ability to birth. Muscles tighten, oxygenated blood is deprived in the uterus and labour can slow right down and often stall.

Having a home birth is a brave move but a wonderful experience. I will help a mum to birth in whatever way she chooses whether it’s in a hospital, birthing centre or water birth at home. Home births are by far the most special and  memorable births and I am so proud of the mums for being so courageous. As long as the decision is made for the right reason then I’m totally in support of home births. Keep ’em coming hypnobirthing mums!

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